As our business name suggests, car polishing is what we specialize in here at BOUTIQUE. We offer many varying vehicle polishing services and solutions. From a high-end paint correction, a general cut n’ buff, machine polish, and general hand polish. Vehicle polishing is an integral part of any exterior paintwork detail service or general paintwork maintenance.

At BOUTIQUE we understand the varying spectrum of customers and their suitable requirements which are why we are able to customize polishing packages to suit. Some customers have a tendency to maintain their vehicles better than others, therefore their vehicles may not require labour intensive paintwork preparation and rejuvenation processes, such as paint correction, meaning that a hand polish for maintenance and market value residual is suitable and the way to approach.

Hand polishing offers level entry introduction to general consumers and car lovers for their vehicles, offering basic protection, paint shine and maintenance providing their vehicle meets such criteria where a hand polish will suffice.

Hand polishing is more affordable hence cost-effective with adequate minimal paintwork preparation a hand polish can be applied, it can be applied regularly at intervals or after any wash thus becomes a great general maintenance procedure for vehicles, offering an enhanced look, and also perfect for the budget-conscious consumer seeking such a service. Hand polishing may also suit clients for resale purposes of their vehicles if packaged with any of our other car cleaning or detailing packages.This type of polish can also be applied by a polishing machine which will deliver a more improved finish and further shine, a service we can also provide if required or requested.

It may also be relevant to note that a regularly garaged vehicle or a less driven vehicle is less prone to contaminant paintwork build up, oxidation levels, or other underlying factors hence making hand polishing a very viable prospect as well as a great money saver.

Hand Polishing

Hand Polishing Pricing

Boutique Express Wash & Shine Glaze from 149.00

Incorporates our Boutique premium external/internal wash service, followed by an exterior paint, hand-applied liquid spray polish glaze.

  • Ideal for regularly washed maintained vehicles with suitable paintwork condition, requiring no paint claying or further decontamination processes.
  • Suits regular or periodic general polishing maintenance
  • May provide some paint protection
  • Yields enhanced gloss finish
  • Cost-effective, budget-conscious
  • Suitable for application after each wash
  • Upgrades/add-on services available
Sml Cars  
Med Cars, Lge Cars P.O.A
4WD, Lge SUV, etc P.O.A


Boutique Premium Hand Polish from 249.00
  • A Boutique premium mid-range hand polishing service incorporates our Boutique premium external/internal general wash, followed by a hand-applied premium polish glaze
  • Suits most car makes and models and paintwork finishes requiring a higher grade better performing polish to achieve desired effective results
  • Ideal for vehicles with diminished pant gloss shine, minor light surface scratches, light oxidation/discolourisation where hand polishing is still applicable and suitable
  • A premium polish offers non-abrasive attributes and deeper paint surface penetration
  • Ideal for removal of light surface scratches & oxidation
  • Offers light paint protection
  • Yields an enhanced higher gloss shine
  • Machine application available as an upgrade
  • Upgrades/add-on service available
Sml Cars $249
Med Cars, Lge Car, Sml SUV P.O.A
4WD, Lge SUV, etc P.O.A



*May also suit pre-sale expectations if no further upgrades required.

Boutique Ultimate Hand Polish from 399.00
  • Incorporates our popular Boutique, customised ultimate external/internal wash, with further wash and paint preparation inclusions
  • Requires increased time to complete due to longer paint preparation requirements, such as clay barring and decontamination, to achieve desired effective results prior to polishing
  • Ideal for vehicles with further diminished paint gloss shine, heavier surface scratches and mild oxidation/discolourisation where our premium polish service is unsuitable to achieve desired expectations. This service offers multiple-stage hand polish
  • Utilises higher grades of polishes
  • Ideal for removal of heavier surface scratches & condition
  • Offers good paint rejuvenation & protection
  • High gloss finish
  • Machine application available for a deeper higher gloss finish
  • Upgrades/add on services available
Sml Cars P.O.A
Med cars, Lge Cars P.O.A
4WD, Lge SUV, etc P.O.A



*Ideal as a pre-sale service in no further upgrades required