• Boutique Shampoo and Extraction
  • Pressure Hot Vapour Steam

At Boutique we are equipped with modern commercial portable upholstery cleaning machines, designed to deliver performance, professional finishes, and adaptable for a multitude of applications, solutions and industries. Our upholstery shampoo & extraction machine allows deep cleansing of fabric seats, carpet fibres, mats and upholstery linings, removing soiled stains, dust, dirt, grime, spillages, odours and allergens, delivering a clean, re-vitalised fragranced finish. Is also used for flood water recovery/extraction of ran and stormwater flooded vehicles. Can also be utilised for home & office carpet cleaning, upholstered fabric lounges, rugs and mats. The second machine in our equipment range is our hot vapour steam unit. This application delivers pressurised steam, loosening dit, kills mold, dust mites, staph and other harmful bacteria and allergens. Requires no water atmospherically allowing quicker turn around times neutralised odours leaving a sanitised professional finish. With recent COVID-19 outbreak, our machine has been extensively utilised, cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing vehicle interiors. Is ideal home & commercial kitchens, hospitals, bathrooms, floors and benches. An eco-friendly, safe effective cleaning apparatus. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Pricing

Boutique Upholstery Shampoo & Steam Clean
  • A detailed professional service, can be performed as a standalone upholstery shampoo & steam clean or combined with one of our Boutique general washing services, polishing or detailing packages.
  • Ideal for cleaning and extracting unwanted unpleasant odours, dirt, dust and soiled stains from upholstered fabrics, seats, carpets, mats and linings.
  • Rejuvenates, sanitises and deodorises vehicle interiors
  • Individual spot and stain removal
  • Individual seats shampoo & steam cleaned
Sml Car P.O.A
Med-Lge Car P.O.A
4WD, SUV, etc P.O.A