General Hand Washing

Here at Boutique, we offer and perform detailed maintenance general washes ideal for regular car care. Popular with our regular customer clientele who prefer and entrust us with their vehicles regular car washing, or as continued upkeep after having a Paint Correction or Paint Protection Coating service previously performed by us.

Our professional detailed maintenance washes are carried out with an eye to detail utilising adequate washing procedures, techniques and quality assured products to ensure quality workmanship and professionalism, unlike inadequate drive-thru tunnel bristle washes, and similar.

General Hand Washing

General Hand Wash Pricing

Premium Exterior/Interior from $55
  • External Shampoo Handwash
  • Wheels Pressure Cleaned
  • Microfibre Chamois Dry
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Door Surrounds Wiped
  • Dash & Console
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Tyres Glossed
  • Interior Deodorised
ENQUIRE NOW *Prices quoted for sml-med vehicles only
Ultimate Wash from $129

Incorporates our popular Premium Wash with extra inclusions and detailed washing.

  • Multiple stage Foam Handwashing
  • Chemical Pressure Clean
    Door Jams, Boot & Bonnet Surrounds
  • Detailed External Pressure Clean
    Seals, Grooves, Plastic Moulds
  • Wheels & Arches Detailed & Glossed
  • Exterior Plastics Conditioned
  • Final Inspection Paint Wipe Down
  • Ultimate Professional Finish
ENQUIRE NOW *Prices quoted for sml-med vehicles only
  • Hand or machine Polish
  • Light scratch & scuff removal
  • Matts - shampoo & steam clean
  • Leather seat clean & rejuvenation
  • Upholstery spot stain removal
  • Interior heat vapour steam
    (Cleansing disinfectant service neutralise odours & bacteria)
  • Engine bay pressure wash & clean
    (engine detail & condition available)
  • Clay bar clense/decontamination
    * recommended only if followed by further paintwork polishing procedures

Consultation and customer approval required prior to performing add-ons and quoted accordingly - hour rates may apply.



Please note that the above-quoted prices are a standard guideline only! Vehicles requiring longer than acceptable standard wash times to perform a general wash or are deemed to be excessively dirty or neglected upon presentation extra charges will be incurred and applicable detailing labour rates will apply. This will include Extra time, effort, labour, and chemicals required to remove Excessive - bugs & tar, Pet hair, Sand + Dirt, upholstery spills and stains, removal of food scraps and rubbish, tree sap, animal droppings, clay barring, spot or panel polishing, scuff removal, etc or extra heavily soiled or neglected vehicles will incur extra charges. Vehicles not complying as standard washes will be identified upon arrival or upon commencement of wash.

*Whilst all care is taken during our wash services, Please ensure all valuables are removed from vehicles prior to the commencement of any service, as no responsibility will be taken. Many thanks, Management.

*All polishing and Detailing services are available as extras. For further optional extras such as polishing and detailing, quotations freely provided upon customer request.