Paint Protection Now Available

Here at “Boutique Detailing”, we have introduced the addition of a prestige high-end machine applied, three-stage & five-stage layered glass coating service to our range of product services, yielding astonishing finished results backed by many customer testimonials and feedback. This glass coating service offers durable paint protection for new and used vehicles offering a pristine glossy glass paint finish. All stages are machine applied and warranted. Extra stages can be applied at customer's discretion with extra protection and warranty assured.



  • Protection from environmental extremities
  • Extra layers of coating / added protection
  • Long life durability
  • Easier effective washing maintenance - repels dirt
  • No further waxing or polishing required
  • High gloss glass finish
  • Maintains vehicle value


Best glass coating results are always achieved once proper paint surface preparation procedures are applied, ensuring the removal of contaminents, such as washing, clay barring, followed by polishing or professional paint correction procedures