Clay Bar

A clay bar is advanced technology used in conjunction with a lube spray (lubricant) or car washing liquid, allowing it to smoothly and safely glide across a vehicle’s paint, absorbing dirt particles and helping remove deposits and contaminants (some of which are unseen with the naked eye) such as tree sap, bug and tar residue, overspray, etc, without any harmful effects on the paintwork resulting in a smooth clean paint surface. Such careful protection allows paint corrections processes easier to apply allowing compounds and polishes to bond sufficiently to the paint’s surface, resulting in high gloss finishes and durable longevity. Proper paint preparation is expertly recommended prior to any further advanced work such as paint correction, other polishing applications or paint protection / coatings. Clay Barring is always incorporated during our high-end prestige services and many other of our polishing services.


Paint Correction - P.O.A.

Paint correction is the common modern terminology used by us professional car detailers, describing the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle by professionally eliminating paint surface imperfections, that dull or diminish or age paint surfaces. Such imperfections include fine scratches and swirl marks, paint fade and oxidation, watermarks, acid rain etching, and buff trails from previous inadequate workmanship. This restoration and rejuvenation process begins with proper washing and cleaning of vehicle paintwork & incorporating clay baring before any corrective process is utilised. The process itself utilizes the use of abrasive high-end cutting compounds and polishes, applied by appropriate and suitable hand-held polishing machines, designed to deliver high-quality prestige results, and high gloss paint shine and rejuvenation. Paint correction will usually comprise a number of stages, machine applied, with each stage enhancing and improving the previous stage. A range of different grades of compounds is used varying from heavier cutting compounds, which remove the paintwork imperfections, to finer compounds designed to remove further marks, resulting in a refined, rejuvenated finish. Paint correction is a labour intensive process of detailing and priced accordingly and should only be performed by an experienced professional detailer, such as us here at “Boutique”, we are car enthusiasts with a passion, quality workmanship, and pride for what we do.

Upon completion of a paint correction process, any one of our paint sealants, or paint protection coating offered by us here at “Boutique” can be applied at customers discretion and accordingly quoted, or included as a package deal.