Full Detailing

Boutique Detailing Services

Here at Boutique Car Polishing and Detailing we offer and perform many varying detailing services to suit all our clientele base. Commencing with pre-washing, decontamination and pre detailing preparation and clay barring if required.

Some of our Detailing services include express valet & polish, mini detail, pre-sale detail, maintenance and rejuvenation enhancement detail, right up to full and Prestige end Detailing. These detailing services usually incorporate hand polishing, machine polishing, and further enhanced and labour intensive Paint Correction ( machine buffing ) polishing stages. All our services are performed in house in our workshop facility under controlled circumstances and security and are customised by us to suit you and your vehicle. Further added services and features at customers discretion can be added or included to any detailing custom package, such as further application of Paint Sealants and or Glass or Ceramic Coatings. We can customise or offer any detailing package to include your preferred choices to suit.


Budget Details *Conditions Apply from  $299