Paint Protection

Glass / Ceramic Coating

Boutique car Polishing and Detailing offer GLASS and CERAMIC  coatings for paint protection purposes to suit your vehicle as well as cost-effective POLYMER paint sealants all off which will lock in your vehicle’s superior paint gloss and be the envy of any showroom, car show or personal collection.

Our Glass coating brand is a patented prestige high performing durable Paint Protection product applied in multiple stages by machine application, to suit new and used vehicle’s, ideal for any luxury prestige vehicle, show car, or a daily driver. Boutique Detailing is a preferred glass coating applicator and workshop warranted and certified brand applicator. This great performing Coating yields pristine glossy glass paint finish, added durable paint protection abilities and characteristics, protecting any vehicle-treated paint surfaces from environmental weather factors.

CERAMIC Coatings are also performed by us in house offering any level of paint protection and glossy shine, suitable for all new and used cars, from budget-conscious entry-level applications to mid - higher-performing coatings offering longer durability protection and performance. Applications can be single-stage or multiple depending on customers specification and discretion.

Polymetric paint sealants are also part of our service repertoire. Polymer sealants are a cheaper cost-effective product locking in paint gloss offering further paint protection. Polymer sealants deliver a great glossy finish and enhanced look can also be applied more frequently, and will usually last between 3-12 months depending on vehicle usage. Polymer sealants are a great addition to any paintwork finish, especially after a professional Paint Correction service beforehand.